What We Offer

Additive Manufacturing

We offer various types of the latest additive manufacturing equipment, such as SLA & SLS 3D printing machines which offer far better features and quality compared to FDM printers. Our end-to-end services include 3D design & printing for product models, prototypes, figurines, or just about anything you can imagine.

Medical Health & Device

We bring the innovation additive manufacturing technology into the clinical and research-based healthcare activities where small batches can be manufactured by high flexibility speed and relatively low-cost.

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Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering allows for perfect reconstruction of an original design to replicate as it is or even to make changes to it via the software. We provide high resolution scanning services to convert designs into CAD data for tooling, remodeling, simulation or data archiving.

Development & Manufacturing of 3D Filament

We manufacture and OEM made-to-order 3D filament with single screw extruder, complete with packaging and spooling. Material and colours can be customised according to requirements.

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Education & Training

We provide training courses on 3D printing, additive manufacturing equipment, blow moulding, as well as injection moulding. Our focus is to develop highly skilled people in the smart manufacturing arena, with good understanding, management, and execution skills.

Gaia Space

An exclusive and unique space to connect people around the world through events, seminars, workshops, trainings, forums and more.

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