How 3D Printing is Changing the Architectural Industry

How 3D Printing is Changing the Architectural Industry

3D printing has proven to be extremely useful in architecture, from 3D printing models to printing a whole building, or even printing a missing part of a construction. Since the technology was introduced, 3D printing architectural models has been a very common sight within the industry. So how else is 3D printing changing the game for architectural design?

Visualising final design 

Architects use concept models to visualise their designs, but a handmade concept model takes up a lot of time and effort. When it comes to complex geometries of a concept model, it becomes even more difficult and complicated. By using the CAD program, physical models can be produced with a wide selection of materials and colours. 3D printing speeds up the process of creating concept models, allowing architects to get their work done faster to focus on more important tasks.


3D printed architectural model. (Credit: Expiatory Temple of the Basílica de la Sagrada Família)

Customising unique designs

When it comes to developing designs from different unique materials, 3D printing comes in pretty handy. Design models can be produced in order to get a mould, and then 3D printed in various materials. Samples printed can then be passed to factories to produce in larger quantities using other techniques like concrete casting or injection moulds.


3D printed wall with staircase. (Source: WAAP & IAAC)

Sustainable architectural projects

It is undeniable that 3D printing is a better sustainable option than traditional methods to conduct architectural works. It minimises the use of scarce resources as 3D printing allows the use of renewable materials like raw earth, biodegradable bamboo, and recyclable thermoplastics. Despite that, 3D printing allows on-demand, decentralised manufacturing, which reduces the need for transportation. Hence, carbon footprint can be reduced.

 3D printing has a lot of good uses for architects, from concept models and house construction, to architectural models and construction parts. Besides the fact that it is more sustainable, it is also more affordable and costs less time compared to traditional architecture. Innovation is the change we need to achieve a better future economy. Contact us here to find out how Gaia Pebbles can help you!